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  1. By Christina Scoleri-DiBabbo

    So nervous to purchase. I just finished 8 treatments at a med spa on my face and it did absolutely nothing. So upset. I’ve had laser hair removal 15 years ago and it lasted about 7 years and the .2nd time about 4 years. I know it’s not permanent and that’s ok, just do scared to spend more $ after this lady laser treatment. I’m comparing home products by reading all reviews and info on the top 5. Some reviews are unfair b/c they’re not giving the product enough time and are expecting permanent results which is not the case, more if a reduction for long periods of time. Please respond with some type of confirmation that I will be extremely happy with product. I’m a 42 year Italian woman with dark hair, a very fair skin. I’m looking to purchase one asap but nervous because as a school teacher I really don’t have the money to just keep throwing out the dingo. If product works I will give great reviews and even do a utube video.