best hair straightener reviews 2017

Best Hair Straightener 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

So what is the best flat iron that won’t damage your hair?

That mainly depends on your hair type, the materials used for the plates of the hair straightener and some other important features like temperature control etc. We will cover all these topics and recommend the right hair straightener specifically for you from the best hair straightener brands. Whether you are looking for the best flat iron for curly hair, best flat iron for african american hair, best hair straightener for thick hair or any other hair type, we have you covered in this guide. Read our full buyer’s guide further down this page. You can also check out our guide on best home laser hair removals 2017.

Best Hair Straighteners 2017

I took many aspects into consideration and these winners will definitely reach your expectations. These hair straighteners are currently the best ones on the market and this is not only my opinion but also of many other professional stylists and hair specialists. So, if you really want a flat iron that will do its job, consider getting one of these beauties. I have spent more than 2 months to create this guide to make sure that my recommendations are accurate and reflect uncompromised quality. My recommendations are based on in-depth research, interviews with professionals, testing and personal experience/knowledge.

4 Best of the Best Hair straighteners 2017

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Review

Bio Ionic OnePass Review

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Review

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Review

All Featured Top Flat Irons in this Guide

Best ForTop Hair Straightener 2017ProsConsMore InfoSize and MaterialPrice$Rating
kinky, thick hair
RUSK Engineering
Read Review
+good for home-usage and salons
+handle does not heat up
+plates heat up fast
-buttons on side, temperature can be accidentally changed
-poor design
-not long lasting
-digital temperature display
-Ryton housing
-108 inches swivel cord
-2 years warranty
1,25", ceramic +titanium$994.3
African American hair Croc Classic Nano
Read Review
+digital temperature control for precision
+good for lumpy hair
+large plates can be used for super-thick hair
+gets heated fast
- does not heat up more than 200 degrees C
-problems with the heating system can appear
-nano-silver technology
- ionic plates combined with far-infrared
-digital temperature control
-25 heat setting
-1 year warranty
1.5", titanium$1404.4
oily hairCHI Original Pro
Read Review
+helps reducing frizz
+good for creating curls
+long durability
-without a temperature digital display
-poor design
-cheap mechanisms
-ergonomic design
-high amount of negative ions
-far infrared which reduce static electricity
-2 years warranty
1",ceramic tourmaline $563.5
natural hair Onei MK-I Halo
Read Review
+good for all hair types
+good for Brazilian keratin treatments
+digital adjust
+30 auto shut off
+heats up fast and cools down fast
-can damage hair
-can appear electrical problems
-plates might get melted
-dual floating plates
-232 C degrees
-multi-coat ceramic plates
-far infrared and negative ionic
-4 years warranty
-lightweight body
1", ceramic$804
damaged hair ISA Professional
Read Review
+temperature digital display
+1 hour auto shut off
+universal voltage
+good for curls and waves
-warranty has to be requested
-it can pull the hair
-can leave the hair frizzy
- 360 degree full swivel and no tangle cord
-2 years warranty
-dual voltage
1", tourmaline ceramic $1303
natural hair Infiniti Pro by Conair
Read Review
+eliminates frizz
+light glows steady when temperature is reached
+good for making curls
+includes a protective heat shield
-not dual voltage
-no digital display
-not good with thin hair
-30 heat settings
-235 C degree heat
-includes blend of oils
-floating plates
-auto shut off feature
-5 years warranty
1", tourmaline ceramic $304.4
wet hair Remington S7901 Wet 2
Read Review
+eliminates drying the hair
+leaves the hair soft and smooth
+available in more dimensions
+auto shut off
-does not heat up to the highest temperature
-can damage hair or leave it rough
-bad smell when heated up
-wet to dry ability
-digital controls with 26 heat settings
-plates vaporize excess water
-150-200 C degrees on heat
-30 second heat up
1", ceramic tourmaline$604.4
dry, wiry hair Izutech Ktx 450
Read Review
+buttons on the inside
+hydrates dry hair
+good for dry, frizzy, wiry hair
+leaves the hair smooth
-no shut off
-no digital display
-defects may appear fast
-size plates are 1.25 x 4.25 inches
-1 year warranty
-maximum heat- 230 C degrees
1.25", titanium $953.9
normal hair HAI Beauty Concepts
Read Review
+even heat distribution
+can be used for African American hair
+lasts long
+does not pull or catch hair
-no shut off
-not dual voltage
-occupy a lot of space
-can burn hair easily
-adjustable temperature from 82 to 210 C degrees
-far infrared design
-ergonomic design
-1 year warranty
1.25", ceramic $804.3
wavy hair BaBylissPRO Porcelain
Read Review
+good for curly hair
+leaves hair smooth and shiny
+extra long cord
-buttons on the outside
-not good for thick hair
-can pull or catch hair
-far-infrared heat
-instant heat-up and recovery
-3 years warranty
1" porcelain ceramic $504.2
long, thick hairRemington S9520 Salon
Read Review
+less time to straighten
+adjustable temperature
+usable for salons
+works good with frizzy hair
-buttons on the outside
-might not reach maximum temperature
-plenty counterfeits
-pearl ceramic technology
-maximum temperature-230 C degrees
-automatic shut off
-15 seconds heat up
-4 years warranty
2", ceramic $304.2
curly, coily hair Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth
Read Review
+digital temperature display
+buttons on inside
+good for frizzy hair
+gets heated up fast
-can damage hair
-temperature can accidentally decrease in increase
-microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery
-customizable auto shut-off
-2 years warranty
-adjustable temperature
1.25", titanium $1104.3
poofy, frizzy hairRemington S8510 Anti Frizz
Read Review
+substantial frizz reduction
+digital display
+prevents heat damage
+can curl hair
-screen does not light up
-the outside can get very hot
-can leave the hair dry
-anti-frizz technology
-floating plates
-plates are infused with micro-conditioners
-heats up in 30 seconds
-182 cm swivel cord
1", ceramic $
get shiny hair Remington S9950 Shine
Read Review
+digital display
+good for damaged hair
+temperature lock
+floating plates
-buttons on the outside
-not dual voltage
-not great for frizzy hair
-plates are infused with avocado and conditioners
-plates created to last the lifetime of the product- 4 years
-30 seconds heat up
-Turbo boost mode
1", ceramic$1704.2
short hair, create curls MHU Professional Travel
Read Review
+buttons on inside
+floating plates
+extremely lightweight
+perfect for travelling
-non adjustable heat
-not good for long or thick hair
-the outside can get too hot
-the plates can have gaps in between
-PTC Heater
-compact size-15 cm
-non slip grip
-1.8 m cord
-2 years warranty
0.5", tourmaline ceramic$254.1
coarse hair; short/long hairHSI Professional
Read Review
+does not snag or pull the hair
+round edges making curling easy
+the style lasts long
-green and red light might switch
-can smell when heated
-no auto shut-off
-360 degree swivel cord
-adjustable temperature (120C - 200C)
-world wide dual voltage compatible
-1 year warranty
1", ceramic+tourmaline $404.4
short, thin hair; curls BaBylissPRO Nano
Read Review
+more coverage of the hair
+fast heating
+available in more dimension
+works good on extensions
-problems with the delivery (fake products)
-bad for thick hair
-not dual voltage
--no auto shut-off
-5 inch long plates
-slim, ergonomic design
-3 years warranty
-adjustable temperature
1", titanium $1304.1
hair without volume, damaged hairKarmin G3 Salon Pro
Read Review
+adds volume to the hair
+good for different styles
+the style lasts long
+cord never tangles
+extremely lightweight
-not great with fine hair
-does not have a digital display
-might get broken fast
-tangle-free swivel cord
-3 years warranty
-dual voltage
-shut off option
1", tourmaline ceramic$1504.3
frizzy/ dry BIO IONIC Onepass
Read Review
+nanoIonic mineral hydrates dry hair
+long swivel cord that does not tangle
+fast straightening
+used by professional hair stylists
-no automatic shut off
-usable only with 120V electricity
-can smell when heated
-silicone speed strips
-ergonomic design
-cushion plates with bioceramic heaters
-multi level heat control
-5 years warranty
1", ceramic+ silicone $1954.4

Flat Iron reviews

Best flat iron for damaged hair – ISA Professional Hair Straightener

This straightener is meant to straighten the hair in a very short time and leave it smooth and shiny. But let’s find out all about it.

Thumbs up

Issa Professional has really nice features that make it actually look professional. First, I would like to mention that it has a temperature digital display which is a great characteristic in a straightener, as it will always display the exact temperature. It heats up from 80 to 230 Celsius degrees. The plates are solid tourmaline ceramic ones and are promising to fight against the appearance of hot spots. It has a 360-degree full swivel, no tangle cord and it is the best dual voltage hair straightener. This means that you can travel and take this device with you, no matter the part of the globe you are in. Another great feature is the 1-hour auto shut off option, in case you have a scattered brain- just as me :).

The product comes with a 2 years warranty, which you can use in case anything bad happens with the product. Thanks to its shape and size, Issa Professional is not only good for straightening the hair, but also for making curls and waves. In fact, a lot of buyers are saying that they get nice results when trying different styles, which can last more than a day. So, it’s up to you how you decide to have your hair.

Thumbs down

It cannot be all nice and dandy, and of course, this flat iron has its flaws too, like all the others. Let’s see now what makes the buyers most unhappy with this product. First of all, some buyers say that it can leave the hair frizzy which no one likes. Also, some say that it might pull or snatch the hair. I hate this part the most as I never want to lose any of my precious hair. Lastly, another bad part is that the warranty has to be requested in order to be useful for you. And for this, you must read and complete some papers. Meh, not a good way to spend time, if you ask me.

Overall Conclusion

I would like to say that I like this straightener and besides the bad parts it has, it also has many good ones. So if you think this is the right for your hair, then go ahead and get one.

Best straightening iron for Oily Hair – CHI Original Pro Flat Iron

There are plenty of features in this straightener that you will love. When I pick a straightener, I check a lot of aspects and this one fulfills a lot of them. However, there are still some parts where it could be improved. But, keep reading, I will explain you better in the next lines.

Thumbs up

CHI products are known for their ability of heating fast and remaining hot. As the others, this CHI Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline does the same, being capable of giving your hair the amount of heat that it needs. Plus, the plates will heat evenly, reducing the appearance of hot spots. It produces a good quantity of negative ions and far infrared which is meant to reduce the static electricity and thus, removing the frizz.

The 1” plates will not only let you straighten your hair, but also create curls and waves. Basically, it’s good for any style. You just have to be creative and create your unique style. One thing that I love about it, is that the buttons are placed inside, so no risk for accidentally changing them while using it. The product comes with a 2-year warranty, which is however limited, so remember to read all the details in case you decide to purchase it.

Thumbs down

After we talked about the good parts, let us talk about the bad ones as well, so you are armed with lots of knowledge about it. Unfortunately, this straightener does not have a digital temperature display and this is a big no from me. Many buyers are claiming that the straightener has a poor design and cheap mechanism and for some of them it even stopped working after a short period. And nobody wants a straightener that lasts only a few months, of course.

Another problem I observed was related to the counterfeits that are being sold. This might be the cause for all the other issues encountered. You have to make sure that you get an original product if you want to get good results.

Overall conclusion

This straightener is a good one, and many persons agree with me. A lot of buyers are satisfied with the results and are not planning to change it anytime soon.

Best professional flat iron – Remington S9950 Shine Therapy

Shine bright like a diamond? Or is it just a trickery?

On the bright side

I wanted to understand what exactly makes this straightener leave the hair shiny as it claims. And now, after I done my research, I will explain to you. The plates of this product are infused with avocado and conditioners. I know that it might sound weird, but it works. A lot of customers agree with the fact that it leaves the hair smooth and glossy.

The straightener comes in a standard size (1”) and it has ceramic plates. It is possible for it to heat up in 30 seconds and the temperature goes up to 220 Celsius degrees.

It has a digital display, adjustable temperature, and an option for temperature lock. The plates of the straightener are floating which gives a constant hair contact. Moreover, the plates are specially designed to last the lifetime of the product which is estimated to be 4 years.

It has a good design which makes it easy and comfortable to use and besides, it is also safe due to the auto shut-off option. So, if you leave the house and worry that you forgot to switch off the button, you will instantly be relieved when you will remember about this feature. The shut-off function is effective after 60 minutes.

After you finish using it, it is easy to be stored with its handy hinge-lock. The swivel cord is extra-long, which is an advantage for both home users and salons.

Not so good

I personally don’t like that this straightener has the buttons on the outside, as they can easily be changed my mistake. The buyers mostly complain about the fact that the product is not dual voltage, as it is hard to find a voltage converter every time when traveling. Unfortunately, it is not so good for frizzy hair, and many buyers are saying that it did not work for this type or made it even worse.

Yes or no?

Remington S9950 Shine Therapy comes with a lot of features and some of them are unique, such as the plates infused with conditioners and vitamins, which will give you a shiny and hydrated hair. From me, it gets a big yes, as I am thrilled about my hair being shiny. Now, you can decide if it can give your hair the desired results.

Best cheap hair straightener – Infiniti Pro by Conair

Conair has always been a well-recognized name in this industry, known for making good products that last long.

What we like

There are some aspects about this straightener that the buyers- including me- love about it.

The device has a nice and elegant design and is also easy to handle. The plates are made of tourmaline ceramic and are created to heat up very fast and to straighten even the fussiest hair. Plus, they are floating which is great as they will straighten each and every part of your hair.

There are 30 heat settings and it heats up to 235 Celsius degrees, which is more than enough for any type of hair if you ask me. What I like about it and did not observe in other straighteners is that the light goes steady, when you reach the right temperature.

After straightening the hair, it is possible to observe that it gets smoother and this is due to the unique blends of oils included.

The straightener is created to eliminate frizz and flyaways. Happily, it has an auto shut off feature, so no worries about this aspect.

The product comes with a 5 years warranty, which is very long compared to other straighteners available on the market.

What we don’t like

Let’s review now what are the not so good parts about this product. First of all, it is not dual voltage, which can be an inconvenience when you travel and need it with you.

Besides, it does not have a digital display and the buttons are on the side which means they can be accidentally changed while straightening.

Some of the persons that purchased this product claim that it is not good with thin hair. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether it could work or not for your hair.

All in all

Infiniti Pro by Conair is a good straightener, which has received hundreds of good reviews from its satisfied buyers.

Premium straightener for curly hair – Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth

It is very easy to fall in love with the elegant design of this straightener. It looks perfect and could make a great accessory, but let’s review what are the good and the bad parts of it.

The positive sides

This straightener has plenty of features that surprised me as it makes me think that it must be a huge deal in professional salons.

First, I want to specify that the buttons are on inside, which I totally love. Moreover, it has a customizable auto shut-off.

The temperature can be adjusted and there is a digital temperature display, which let you see the exact amount of heat you are using.

The straightener has included a micro chip for lightning-fast heat recovery and also heats up in a short time.

The buyers’ reviews confirm the fact that it is good for many types of hair such as coily, curly or thick hair. Due to the large size (1.25”), you can style even the most stubborn hair in a shorter time than normal.

The product comes with a 2-years warranty, which can be used if any damages happen.

The negative sides

No matter how nice this product looks and seem to work, it has its flaws as all the others. On the bad side, it has to be said that some buyers are claiming that this straightener damaged their hair.

However, it can be different from person to person as it matters the type of hair, the temperature it was used and if heat protection was used or not. You should know by now, that it is forbidden to use any straightener at a high temperature. In fact, the right temperature is known to be just 185 Celsius degrees.

Another bad thing that happened to some customers is that the temperature accidentally decreased and increased. This can be a big turn off since no one likes the temperature to go above or under the desired one.

To sum up

This flat iron heats up and cools down fast, it is good for many types of hair and it is easy to handle. If you like the bad parts more than you dislike the bad ones, then go ahead and get yourself a Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth.

Top flat iron for african american hair – Croc Classic Nano

Is it a crocodile? Is it a toy? No, it’s Croc Classic Nano-Titanium hair straightener.

If the unusual shape of this straightener got you here, don’t worry, you are not the only one dumbfounded by it. I was extremely curious to see what’s the deal with this one.

Why you’re gonna love it?

This straightener goes under the category of great straighteners thanks to the many features it has. It uses a Nano-silver technology which helps in cleansing the hair.

Also, it has a digital temperature with 25 heat settings. The temperature goes from 90 and 230 Celsius degrees. More than enough, I would say J

The titanium plates are combined with far-infrared heat which will result in a smooth and shiny hair. Moreover, the plates are larger than usual ones so they will work great with super-thick hair. In fact, many buyers confirm that it does a great job with African-American hair. Besides, thanks to its large width you will be able to do more hair at once, so that means less time spent on styling in the mornings and more time to sleep.

The product comes with 1-year warranty, which is not very long compared to others, but you still have some benefits in case something happens in this period.

Thumbs down

I know I might have convinced you that this is what you’re looking for, but before making any decision, take a look at what flaws this straightener has. A lot of buyers are saying that the device is heavy. Personally, when I tried it, it did not seem so heavy, but then again, I am used with all types of straighteners, from small to huge ones. So, it might actually seem a bit heavy to you.

Also, other buyers are claiming that there might appear problems with the heating system. In some cases, in stops heating up or it does not heat up more than 200 Celsius degrees.This last problem made me think about the

This last problem made me think about the well-known issue with counterfeits. There are a lot of scammers who send almost as good looking products as the originals, but definitely not functioning as good as them. So, pay attention people, as you don’t want this to happen to you. You might want to read my Buying Guide to see how you can prevent getting tricked.


Croc Classic Nano-Titanium is a straightener that works great especially on the thick hair. So, if you are one of those types with a thick, stubborn hair, then you should totally get one. This straightener receives both my approval and recommendation!

Best Flat Iron for thick hair – RUSK Engineering CTC Technology

Let’s say you and your sister/roomie want to get one hair straightener and use it both of you. But what do you do if you have completely different types of hair? What kind of straightener should you get? Well, let me tell you a secret: this little device will be your best friend and will save you some good money.

It’s great because it works on thick, curly, damaged and fine hair, so it really does not matter what type of hair you have or who you want to share it with. And don’t we all know how hard it is to find a straightener that works well on thick hair?

Why it’s good?

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology has some really good features such as the Ryton housing, which makes it comfortable and easy to use. The handle of the straightener does not heat up, so there is no risk that you will burn your hand while using it.

There is also a long cord, which is 108 inches to be more precise. The device has a digital temperature display and gives you the possibility to adjust it until you reach the desired one. It heats up to approximately 232 Celsius degrees, which is more than enough for any kind of hair, even the most stubborn one.

The plates are titanium infused and contain a ceramic heater. Thanks to this you don’t have to worry about hot spots, as the plates are very likely to heat up evenly and won’t damage the hair either.

This straightener comes in a quite unusual size as the width of the plate is 1,25”. You can only see this as a bonus since you can both straighten and make nice curls with it. And due to the large width, you will be able to create any style much faster than with an ordinary straightener.

The product comes with a 2 years warranty in case any damages happen.

Why it’s bad?

There are some bad parts that buyers, including me, are not satisfied with. For example, the straightener has buttons on the side, so the temperature can be easily changed by accident. Some persons are also saying that it is heavy, so it is difficult to use it and also to carry it around. However, this can be considered subjective, and maybe you will think differently about it.

To conclude

This is a straightener good for using both at home and at salons. In fact, many professionals are recommending it for creating long last styles.

A Good hair straightener – Remington S8510 Anti-Frizz

The name says it all. This straightener is truly anti-frizz. So, if you are struggling with this problem, I would totally recommend you this one as it is one of the best available on the market, created to fight frizzy hair.

What buyers like

After I did my research about this product, I could understand why a lot of persons like it so much. It does a really good job with poofy and frizzy hair as it uses an anti-frizz technology. Many buyers say that they observe a substantial frizz reduction after a couple of uses.

It has floating plates which are infused with micro-conditioners that make your hair smooth. It comes in a standard size of 1” which means you can both straighten and get some pretty curls as well.

The ceramic plates make it possible for it to heat up in approximately 30 seconds. One of the things that I usually fall for in a straightener is the digital display as I want to see exactly what temperature I am using. And this one has it, which is great!

It provides up to 230 Celsius degrees and it is also created to prevent damage. Of course, you have to know that you should not use a high temperature and use heat protection (check the Buying Guide for more info).

What buyers do not like

Nonetheless, this straightener has many good points, it also has its bad ones. Some customers experienced a dry hair after using it. It might, however, be different from person to person, as we all have different types of hair.

Another bad point of this straightener is that the outside can get too hot. That’s why you have to be careful not to use a very high temperature and preferably use a glove for protection.

Personally, I don’t like that the buttons are on the side because they can easily change by accident while I use it.

To conclude

To put all these together, I would say that Remington S8510 Anti-Frizz is a good straightener, especially if you have problems with a frizzy hair. It gets heated fast and stays hot, can create curls and has a super cool design. And the best part is the price, which is really accessible, especially compared to other products on the market!!!

So, all in all, you cannot really fail with this straightener.

Best ceramic hair straightener – BaBylissPRO Porcelain

This straightener is the favorite of many persons, which are very satisfied with the results. It has good features and promises to straighten your hair like no other does. Let’s see now if you will decide to take this baby home or not.

What people love

I said before that it has good features and I would like to explain to you what I mean with this. The straightener is a porcelain ceramic one that heats up fast and remains hot. It has also a good recovery time, so it won’t stay hot long time after you turn it off.

The porcelain in the plates emit negative ions which will leave the hair smooth and shiny, and in the same time, the hair is protected from damage due to the far infrared heat.

This model comes in 3 sizes: 1”, 1.5” and 2”, so you can pick the right one for your hair type and length. The temperature can be adjusted and the maximum goes to 230 Celsius degrees.

There is an extra-long cord which means that you can plug it in your bathroom and go in the living room and watch your favorite serial (well, depending on how big your house is 🙂

It comes with a 3-years warranty which is quite good, considering that many others come only with a 1-year warranty.

A lot of buyers are saying that besides straightening, they can also make curls and waves. Moreover, BaBylissPRO Porcelain is good for many types of hair such as curly, thick or fine hair.

Another thing I would like to tell you is that the straightener is very lightweight. While some people see it as a great thing, since they can carry it with them all over, I am a bit skeptical as it looks like the light plastics it is made of are ready to break immediately when dropped.

What people don’t like

Already with my last thoughts, you could see a disadvantage of this product, mostly seen from my point of view.

When it comes to the buyers, they usually complain about the fact that the product did not last long. For some of them, it took only a few months until the product got broken. Knowing many persons who have used it for a long time, I would say that here comes again the problem of counterfeits. Please, read my Buying Guide to understand more about the issue.

To conclude

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic is a good straightener which gives great results to many persons around the world. If you think this might be good for you as well, then you should adopt this baby and make it a part of your life :).

Remington S7901 Wet 2 Straight Review

Straighten your hair when it’s wet? Without burning it? Is that possible?

What you’re gonna like

So, this straightener is actually meant to transform your hair from wet to straight and it works, but how exactly it does that? Well, it heats up to 200 Celsius degrees and the plates vaporize the excess water, while releasing steam through the holes specially designed among these. You will know that it works due to the slight sound that is released.

This is a great advantage as you can save a lot of time by not having to dry your hair before using it. This is a big deal, for persons with long hair, like me, as we know how much it takes until the hair gets dry.

The plates come in a standard size of 1” and are made of ceramic tourmaline. There is a digital display with 26 settings. The plates heat up in less than 30 seconds and there is also an auto shutoff option which is effective after 60 minutes.

The product is available in more dimensions, so you can choose which size would fit best your hair length and style.

Moreover, the price is more than good. You won’t only save time, but financially talking, you will save good money for not having to use electricity or buy/change a hair dryer.

What you won’t like?

Unfortunately, not everything is great about this device and the manufactures still have some work to do. Some customers are saying that the straightener does not heat up to the maximum temperature or that it smells bad when high heated.

Also, be aware of the fact that it might damage your hair or leave it rough, as some buyers sustain. Anyway, I think it is very important to use heat protection, especially in this case.

To conclude

Remington S7901 Wet 2 Straight is not just an ordinary straightener. It has this great ability to straighten the wet hair and besides, it has many other features. However, remember that you have to be careful with it as you might risk to permanently burn your hair. I recommend this product as I believe it can give good results, so if you are looking for saving some precious time, go ahead and get yourself one.

Top rated flat iron for Normal Hair – HAI Beauty Concepts Classic Convertible

The warrior

When I saw this straightener, I said to myself ‘this is one of those old-school straighteners that last forever’. You know what I’m talking about, right? We all had one at the beginning that would not break up no matter how many times we dropped it. I still have mine, I call it a warrior.

Anyway, I won’t talk about that, but about this one from HAI Beauty Concepts, which is a much better version of mine.

Why it’s good?

Although we can agree that this is not an extra fancy device, it still has a lot of features.

The plates are made of a solid ceramic material and their size is 1.25”. Due to this large width, you will be able to style your hair in a shorter time than it would take with an ordinary device. Moreover, the plates produce far infrared energy which creates a silky hair.

The temperature can be adjusted and goes from 82 to 210 Celsius degrees. While some people find the maximum temperature a low one, I believe it is more than enough.

The straightener has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use.

One great thing is that the plates heat up very fast and the heat is distributed evenly which will cease the appearance of hot spots.

It comes with a 1-year warranty, which is not very long but can still be used if something bad happens. After all, 1 year is still better than nothing, right?

A lot of buyers are excited about the fact that the straightener works well for African American hair since not a lot of other products have this quality. Moreover, there are plenty of customers who specify that it does not pull or catch the hair, which is a nice advantage.

What are its flaws?

Unfortunately, it does have some bad parts and it’s my duty to inform you about them. The straightener does not have a shut-off option, or a digital display neither is dual voltage.
Many buyers claim that it burns the hair and it occupies a lot of space when stored.


I will say yes to HAI Beauty Concepts Classic Convertible as I love the fact that it lasts very long. Besides, it has really nice features. If you like it and its flaws are not a problem for you, then go ahead and get one.


Best hair straightener for long thick hair – Remington S9520 Salon Collection

Well, that’s one big straightener! I bet that if you have long hair, you are probably already interested in this one. But let me tell you what it does and what it doesn’t, and then you can decide if you need it in your life.

The positive sides

I think you already figure out that this straightener does not have a standard size, but actually the double of it -2”. The plates use a pearl ceramic technology. Yeah, real pearls. Fancy, huh?

Because of this large dimensions, it works great with long, thick and coarse hair. Besides, the buyers say that it works well with frizzy hair as well.

Straightening a long hair will take much shorter time than it would normally with an ordinary device. So, you can actually save some of your precious time.

It heats up much faster than other straighteners, more precisely in 15 seconds. The temperature is adjustable and goes up to 230 Celsius degrees which are more than enough for all types of hair.

There is an automatic shut off feature, so now worries in case you forget to turn it off before leaving the house.

It is suitable for salons and in fact there are plenty of them who use it. The product comes with a 4-years warranty, which is a very good one, as you can benefit from it long time.The price is almost nothing considering these good features. You can get nice results at your home for a low fee.

The price is almost nothing considering these good features. You can get nice results at your home for a low fee.

The negative aspects

Although, the straightener has good characteristics, it also has some flaws. For example, the buttons are on the outside and this can be bothersome in case they change accidentally. Also, the device is not quite great for traveling as it is big and rather heavy, than small.

Some buyers experienced that the plates did not heat up to the maximum temperature. Also, there are plenty who complain about counterfeits, so be really careful at this issue if you want to purchase this or any other product.


Remington S9520 Salon Collection is not just a random name, as this straightener promises to give you professional results as you would get in a hair salon. It includes good features, but it has also some issues. All in all, I believe it is a good device, especially for long or thick hair and there is a multitude of reviews that confirm this fact.

Best travel hair straightener – MHU Professional Travel Size

A cute little baby

That’s how I like to describe this straightener. I usually fall in love easily with any tiny flat iron, but cannot use them since my hair is very long and it will take…forever.

I especially like this one due to the multitude of features it comes with. For example, the floating plates that provide a constant hair contact or the buttons that are on the inside.

The plates’ size of this device is half of a standard one, namely 0.5” and they are tourmaline ceramic. In length, they measure 15 cm. Due to its size, the straighter is perfect for short and fine hair. Moreover, you can create great waves and curls.

An advantage of it being so small is that it is also lightweight so it’s perfect for traveling. It uses a PTC Heater and you can just turn it on and it will immediately heat up to 180 Celsius degrees.

It has a non-slip grid and a 1.8 m cord, which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

The product provides a 2-years warranty, which is not the longest, but still very convenient.

Not so cute about it

Guys, don’t get tricked. If it is small and cute, it does not mean that it does not have any flaws, because it does. One aspect that I really don’t like is that the heat is not adjustable and there are cases when a different temperature is required. Also, some buyers are saying that the temperature is not enough for specific types of hair.

Regarding technical issues, it has to be mentioned that the outside of the device can get too hot, so you have to be really careful with it.

And I guess you already figured out that this straightener is not really good with long or thick hair, because of the plates’ size.


This straightener has some really good features, but also some bad parts that might be hard to ignore. Overall, I like it, as I think it does a great job for short hair and the good price is a bonus.

Good hair straightener – Izutech Ktx 450

The positive aspects

I would like to tell you about the features of this straightener and what are the parts that people like about it.

First of all, you have to know that this product is especially good for dry and wiry hair. It is created to heal and hydrate the dry hair. In fact, many buyers confirm that it is good indeed of this type and that after using the straightener, the hair will remain smooth.The plates are made of titanium and their size is 1.25”. The large size will give you the possibility to shorten the time you need for styling your hair.

The plates are made of titanium and their size is 1.25”. The large size will give you the possibility to shorten the time you need for styling your hair.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty. And I know, it’s not quite long, but still beneficial and can be used without problems in this period.

The temperature can be adjusted and goes up to 230 Celsius degrees. The buttons are on the inside, so no worries about accidentally changing them.

Good for everyone?

The designers of this device claim that it works good for every type of hair. From what the customers are saying, the straightener works good for wiry hair, long, thick and even on African American, which can be a stubborn type of hair. Unfortunately, it does not work so good for short hair because of the large size of the plates.

The negative aspects

Let’s see now what are the aspects that could influence your final decision. First of all, there is no auto shut off option. And for me this can be a problem, as I tend to forget to turn off my hair products. So, you have to be careful and always remember to switch off the button, in case you decide to get this product.

There is no digital display either, so you cannot see exactly the temperature you are using. Some buyers say that they encountered problems with this straightener, not long time after the acquisition. However, this can be a subjective matter since every person takes care of it in different ways, so the opinions are shared.

To conclude

This straightener is a good one for dry and wiry hair and has good features, but also some bad parts.

Now, my dear, if you like this product and believe it will give you the results you’re looking for, go and get one. The price is to your advantage now. Remember, to find a trustworthy seller.

Best Flat iron for natural hair – Onei MK-I Halo

The good parts

As usual, I will start by telling you the positive aspects of this straightener. To begin with, I would like to emphasize on how elegant and professional this device looks. But, let’s see what it can do.

Onei MK-I Halo has dual floating plates for a constant hair contact. They are multi-coat ceramic plates and produce far infrared heat and negative ions. They come in a standard size of 1” and will let you not only straighten, but also flip and curl and promises to leave your hair silkier than before.

The temperature can be adjusted and you can see it precisely, due to the digital display. It goes from 60 to 232 Celsius degrees.

The product comes with a 4-years warranty which promises to be a no-questions-asked warranty. And this is clearly a huge advantage.

It heats up fast and also cools down in a record time. It includes a 30-minutes auto shut-off option and has an ergonomic and lightweight body, which is great if you need to carry it around.

According to the customers, this straightener works well for many types of hair, such as frizzy or super curly ones. Besides, it works great for Brazilian keratin treatments.The not so good parts

The not so good parts

I know you might be amazed by the amount of the good parts in this one, but still, take a look at these bad aspects.There are

There are couples of technical issues that the buyers talk about. Some experience electrical problems, such as the device getting turned off suddenly. Also, some of them say that the plates got melted. Anyway, this might be the cause of an unoriginal product. So, be aware of the authenticity of what you want to purchase.

Yes or no?

This device receives a yes from me because it comes with plenty of good features and I really like how it looks. Now, it’s you who decides if Onei MK-I Halo could give you the desired results or if you pass it and still search.

Flat Iron Buyer’s Guide 

Our hair is very precious for many of us and we spend a lot of time and money on caring for it and making it look great. We also put our hair through a lot of strain over the course of time which can end up damaging it. One of the major strains includes hair straightening if we don’t use the right flat iron. That is why it is important that you choose the best hair straightener for specifically your hair type. Don’t worry about spending a couple of bugs extra on a great hair straightener, it will benefit your hair and economy in the long run.

There are many different aspects to consider when you want to find the best hair straightener for you. And it can be exhausting to find all the answers by your own especially If you don’t know much about straighteners. You could end up buying something that doesn’t work for you or even worse, damages your precious hair. You might spend a fortune until you find the right one.

So, good news, I am sharing my knowledge and experience with you. This guide will undoubtedly answer all your questions regarding hair straighteners.English is not my native language nor I am a professional writer, so please bear with me regarding these aspects. Nonetheless, I strive to create a qualitatively uncompromised and the most comprehensive Buying Guide on hair straighteners since I have noticed a lot of low effort and very low-quality guides online. So without further ado, let’s get started.

English is not my native language nor I am a professional writer, so please bear with me regarding these aspects. Nonetheless, I strive to create a qualitatively uncompromised and the most comprehensive Buying Guide on hair straighteners since I have noticed a lot of low effort and very low-quality guides online. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Your hair type

top professional flat iron 2017This is the most important thing to look at before you start to search for a new straightener. You have to define clearly what is your hair type. Is your hair long and curly, short and wavy or maybe some other type? You also have to take into consideration how damaged it is. If your hair is very damaged, you might wanna consider getting a trim. I personally get one, every two or three months as it can keep my ends look healthy and smooth.

2. Materials matter

Best hair straightener

I bet you already heard that the strengtheners’ plates can be made of one of the numerous kinds of material. But it can be tricky to know which one can fit your needs the best, especially when each type of material is promoted as being the greatest by its producers.

Let’s start with ceramic

This is one of the oldest materials used for flat irons. The ceramic material infused in the plates distribute the heat evenly, without causing uneven heat distribution, which we know as being the hot spots. The material preserves moisture and causes less damage to the hair, by acting in the center of hair and exposing the outside of the hair to less heat. However, it might take some time for the plates to get heated, which can be a disadvantage when you are in a hurry.

Tourmaline material

Is rated as the most effective because when heated, it creates the most pressure to flatten the hair than any other material. It is an organic mineral and it produces naturally negative ions. The negative ions balance out the positive ions from the dry hair, so it results in making your hair lay flat and with no frizz. Science is great, isn’t it? Tourmaline plates are usually very smooth, which makes the hair less prone to damage. Moreover, plates covered by tourmaline are more durable than other ones, so we could say this would be a good investment.

Titanium plates

Gets heated super-fast and stay hot for a long while. Also, they are pretty lightweight so it can be handy to carry it with you. Unlike other materials, titanium is great for thick, extra curly hair. If you use it properly, there is less probability of damage. Something that can cause great damage, in this case, is leaving the plates on your hair too long.

Other Materials

Some flat iron models have silicone added to ceramic plates. This makes the iron slide smoothly through your hair and speeds up the straightening process. Some models are very good for curly hair, as the plates go through the curls without catching them underneath.  However, silicone plates are not so long lasting and are quite unsuitable for salon usage.

There are of course others materials used for plates, but I don’t recommend them because of the poor quality they provide. For example, Teflon which is used by brands who are usually creating cheap products. Using Teflon plates results in a very fast damaged hair. Also, you cannot use heat protective products as the plates disintegrate immediately. So, in my professional opinion, Teflon is not a good material for plates.

Whether you’re trying to minimize hair damage, or you want to flatten thick, curly hair (or any other type of hair), the material of the straightener you choose will make a big difference.

3. The size of the plates

You may know some people who have different size straighteners.  But what is the difference between these and which size is the best for you? Since I started to flatten my hair, I used irons of almost every size. Keep on reading to find out why;

Standard plates: 1-inch

Most irons come with a standard 1-inch plate. It’s fair to say that you can use this type no matter your hair length. The best thing about standard-sized straighteners is that all good brands are creating models with this dimension. However, even though, the standard-sized irons can be attractive, remember that they are not ideal for every styling, as in some situations you might need either smaller or bigger plates.

Small plates:  ½ -inch

The plates of these irons are easy to control and style with. They are most suitable for short hair as they can reach every thread. Small plates are generally used for precision. Straightening smaller sections at a time makes the style last longer. Also, you can always use small irons for other styles than straightening, like curls. They are also great when you go traveling and need to save some space.

Big plates: 1.5 Inch +

If you are not included in the category of short hair girls, then it’s better for you to get an iron with large plates, which is suitable for long, thick hair. The larger the plates are, the shorter the time you spend on straightening. If your hair is very long, look for irons with 1.5-inch plates or even larger than this. As I said, this will allow you to flatten your hair much faster.

4. Temperature control

Straighteners can have different temperatures. It is good to look for one that can reach a high level of temperature. But the tricky part is what temperature is the best? If the temperature is too low, then your hair will look dull and lifeless. If the temperature is too high, then you can easily fry your hair and even cause some irreparable damage. I bet you don’t want any of these. So, what’s the perfect temperature, you will ask? Researchers just found out that it is ideal to set your straightener at 185°C (365 Fahrenheit). This temperature allows you to flatten your hair perfectly, and help it to retain moisture. It benefits all styling types and leaves your locks smooth and resistant to humidity, just as we all want it.

To make sure you are in control of this aspect, get a hair straightener with adjustable temperature. The best ones, in my opinion, are the ones with digital read out. This way you are completely sure that you don’t miss or add any degree in your detriment. The precise temperature matters when you have hair that gets damaged easily and the difference between 185°C and 210°C can be a bigger deal than you might think.

So, from now on, look for this type of iron and pick the ideal temperature, and this way you don’t risk to damage your hair from overheating.

5. Push the button!?

Another thing you should look for is the button located. Buttons that are located on the exterior can easily be pressed by mistake while straightening your hair. So always look for buttons which are placed on the inside or buttons that get locked while you do your hair. This way, there is no risk that you can change the temperature or turn it off completely by accident. Another great feature is the auto shut off which is perfect for airhead persons-just like me. If you have this on your straightener, next time when you are running late towards your office, you don’t have to stress that your house might be burned because you forgot to turn off the straightener.

6. Floating on air

A flat iron is great and very effective if its plates are not completely affixed to the support. This does not mean that the plates detach from the base, but that it has the ability to flex in order to get close to each other. The distance between the floating plates is much smaller than between ordinary plates. If the plates get closer, you will be able to tighten your hair properly, without spending time to do every inch of your hair separately.

7. Warranty

Another thing you want to consider, which is actually a very important one, is the warranty that comes with the product. Take some time to research what exactly is included and what is not in the warranty, before making a decision. Many people forget to pay attention to this detail and realize too late that they cannot do anything about their broken straightener. It happened to me first time when I got a straightener as I was a novice in this field- and trust me, it wasn’t funny at all.

The warranty differs from product to product and from brand to brand, so you should pay good attention every time you are getting a new one.

8. Be aware of Counterfeits

The last thing on the list is actually something that you really have to pay attention at and this is the authenticity of the product you want to buy. Many sellers have fake products which look and are presented well. And I can tell you from my experience that these products don’t function more than some weeks. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a flat iron that lasts no longer than a month. So, before buying something, read carefully the reviews of the seller, check if there are people who complain about the quality of the product received, and then decide if it is trustworthy enough so you can finalize your purchase.

So, as you can see there are plenty of things to consider. I hope now you know exactly what you’re looking for, considering your needs and what could be the best for your hair. These points are meant to help you in your search as they helped me over the years to pick the best products.

I know it is hard work to pick the best hair straightener that assures to never disappoint you. Even if you know all the features that a good hair straightener must include, it can be difficult to pick one when there are thousands of them, and each claims to be the best one. That’s why I decided to present the best ones for you in the Next section…

Now you are ready to choose the best hair straightener for you here

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